Courage to be different

Our philosophy

We are different - not advocates of methods because of methods.

Your visions are always present with us. That is why we accompany you on your entire way - digitally and offline. We stand for transparent and inspiring communication close to the customer.

We also move entire teams and turn entire infrastructures upside down if necessary. We analyse every bit and byte. Mediating between emotions and immovable opinions - we are the bridge between different individuals.

We are entering new technical paths and have the courage to experiment.

"What if...?" is often our initial question. We follow the trends that seem sensible to us. Nevertheless, we define our own procedures if they enable us to reach our goals faster and more efficiently.

We believe in the dynamism and flexibility of our way of working - in our otherness!

Our team

What we love

IT Strategy

We are structured thinkers.

We support you in defining your personal IT visions - tailor-made for you!
You want to build your IT of the future? You feel the need for change, but don't know where to start? You are looking for the right IT strategy for your company?
We accompany you in this process and together we develop a master plan that can be implemented. We achieve this with tactics, a portion of pragmatism and room for alternatives.
We are your trustworthy partner, with a common goal:
Making your IT more flexible and sustainable for the future!

Project Coaching

We are the motivator of the project, the driving force and the resting place.

We like to inspire and let new impulses inspire us.
Project management is our home. Whether standard project methods, a new creation or a mixture of both - we use the best of both worlds and apply it individually to your project.
We allow all the thoughts of an individual without losing sight of the project goal. We work with your employees on solutions until a certain "yes" is taken from the team. With us "no" does not exist.
Together with you, we implement the developed IT strategy and accompany you until the project goal is achieved.

IT Architecture

We are IT designers. With passion, focus and fun in our work!

We tailor the product, create a prototype and finalise it in close cooperation with you.
We design new IT architectures in a way that is understandable for everyone, so that your business processes function optimally. This, of course, is done silently, your employees are not disturbed in their daily work by the necessary IT complexity.
We are looking for innovative ideas and new impulses. Our goal is to implement the best solution for your IT architecture. In doing so, we keep your business processes that work well and together we model new IT processes if necessary.


Management stands for visions, IT innovation for complicated programming languages - problematic prejudice, with a spark of truth.

Granted, we are IT nerds too. Here we like to use clichés, but we are still different.
We see ourselves as translators, because the language of one person is not always the language of another. We are the bridge between the two microcosms, your visionaries and the minds that implement them.
We accompany the design of the IT architecture with the visionaries and are part of your team from the beginning. With empathy and transparency we are happy to explain our approach and the implementation of our ideas.
Our world consists of binary numbers, Push and Pull, UI Frames, Microservices, Cloud databases, Azure Functions or API Interfaces. Different programming languages complete our cosmos.


We are the mentor for aspiring IT specialists who are still in the development phase.

We gladly share our knowledge. Showing how competence is built up, what customer loyalty really means and what value empathy has in IT.
We also strengthen female competence, because it is particularly important for the IT world and should not be hidden!
It is not an easy balancing act to achieve ambitious customer visions and at the same time realizable project goals with the lowest energy expenditure. Through established resilience, emerging stress is minimized and restless project times are mastered. Our experts support prospective IT professionals and strengthen their resilience.
Binary affairs recognizes the high demand for the next generation of IT specialists and we see it as our important task to prepare this generation for their professional challenges.

Our app

From Me 2 You

Alt Alt

Necessity is the mother of invention. The idea for "From me to you" was also born during a worldwide crisis situation.

With this app we want to bring people together to help each other. In hard times we all have to take responsibility and put humanity first.

With “From me to you”, neighbours network, design their digital leisure activities together or learn new things together in the online stream.

For companies, from me to you represents an online platform. Here services can be offered - adapted to the current crisis situation. Small companies, without large capital, should get a cost-effective opportunity to present themselves on the Internet.

Last but not least, we want to provide users with all important information on health during the global crisis.

The “from me to you” users are a community that meets, organizes and helps online!

#staypositive #helpeachother#dontforgetaboutus

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